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The “Brew”tal Truth Behind Coffee

The Big Debate

58% of people who drink coffee are addicted and heavily reliant on it to keep them active throughout the day. Although coffee is well known for its energizing attributes, it can be deleterious to one’s physical and mental health. Is it really worth ignoring the negative effects to gain the positive ones?

Caffeine: Nicotine’s Cousin

It is widely publicized that smoking can have damaging effects on one’s health. In order to quit smoking, people usually resort to nicotine to aid their addiction, despite it being a highly dangerous and addictive substance.

Did you know that nicotine and caffeine are both stimulants? Though coffee and nicotine have notable differences, both seem to cause increased heart rate. They have withdrawal symptoms and similar to nicotine, consuming caffeine can lead to increased levels of anxiety and depression.

What is the Impact?

By no means is it a necessity to stop drinking coffee entirely. Drinking coffee once in a while has its benefits too. However, sometimes switching to an alternative like tea instead of regularly drinking coffee will prevent you from falling in the same category as the other 58% of people. Through the years, scientists have debated whether the negative effects of drinking coffee outweigh the positive ones. While many believe that there are more benefits to drinking coffee, those who believe that the disadvantages are more important are correct in assuming so. The 58% of people that are drinking coffee are making a mistake by deciding to endure the many side effects that draw the line between beneficial and disadvantageous, and that is simply the “brew”tal truth.

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