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Speaking Up for a Cause to Make a Difference

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What's Enfluence?

Empowering Youth Leaders to Make a Difference


Enfluence, the national public speaking conference, offers a prestigious platform for youth leaders to advocate for causes that create positive change in their communities. This exceptional event brings together aspiring youth leaders, esteemed community leaders, and non-profit organizations, all dedicated to shaping a better future. 
Enfluence is more than just a conference; it's a golden opportunity for young leaders to shine and showcase their leadership skills. This platform enables youth leaders to speak up for causes they are passionate about, capturing the attention of influential community leaders, including Senators, Mayors, and Councilmen.


Key Highlight of Enfluence

Influencing Positive Outcomes Through Collaboration

One of the key highlights of Enfluence is the emphasis on collaboration with non-profit organizations. By partnering with these organizations, youth leaders are able to extend their impact beyond the conference itself. Becoming brand ambassadors for their chosen causes, they have the chance to work closely with established entities dedicated to making a difference in society. Together, they create powerful alliances that amplify their voices and bring about tangible change.

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Who should attend Enfluence?

Enfluence is open to all ages!​
  • Students who wish to find opportunities to work alongside established non-profit organizations and contribute to causes.​

  • Business professionals who wish to connect with fellow attendees, potential mentors, and influential community leaders.

  • Entrepreneurs and start-up founders who like to create a positive impact in your community.

  • Anyone who wishes to witness the passion and the fire within the youth leaders speaking at Enfluence

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What Will You Witness At Enfluence?

Unleashing the Power of Exceptional Public Speaking

At Enfluence, you'll be captivated by the awe-inspiring public speaking skills of these young leaders. Through their professionally crafted speeches and outstanding oratory skills, they will inform, educate, and influence audiences. From thought-provoking storytelling to impassioned calls to action, their words will have the power to move hearts and minds. Prepare to be amazed as their voices resonate with authenticity and passion.

Speaking at Enfluence is STRICTLY by invitation

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How to get an invitation to speak at Enfluence?

Getting an invitation to speak at Enfluence is a journey that calls for immense dedication and passion to uplift the community. The speakers are senior students of Enspire Academy, who have,

  • Mastered the art of influential communication through advanced training

  • Showcased their passion for community work

  • Successfully completed the Level-5 of the leadership coursework of Enspire Academy

  • Auditioned and selected to speak at Enfluence 

What & Why
Enfluence 2024


Enfluence 2024 (Flyer).png
2023 Enfluence Images-8.jpg

What's Happening At Enfluence 2024?

At Enfluence 2024, you'll witness the awe-inspiring impact of exceptional public speaking skills firsthand. Witness youth leaders influence positive outcomes through their exceptional public speaking skills, and committed collaboration with non-profit organizations. This year, 14 youth leaders will be addressing the following causes.​

  • Fighting Against Alzheimer's

  • Elevating Communication Skills of Youth

  • Improve Marine Water Quality by Stoping Use of Microplastics

  • Empowering Girls to Code

  • Improving Computer Literacy

  • Sustainable Hygiene Products for Women

  • Sports for Differently-abled Individuals

  • Fighting Homelessness

  • Empowering victims of gun violence

  • Improving Healthcare Facilities for Underprivileged


Organizations Represented at Enfluence 2024

The speakers have been working closely with the following non-profit organizations, becoming brand ambassadors for their chosen causes, and dedicated to making a difference in society.

  • Alzheimer's Association

  • Speaking Solution

  • Clean Ocean Action

  • Girls who code

  • Algorithmic

  • PridePads

  • The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPsoccer)

  • Rise

  • Sandy Hook Promise - Newtown, Connecticut

  • Ekam

  • Special Olympics

2023 Enfluence Flyer -5.jpg

Agenda of Enfluence 2024

The speakers have been working closely with the following non-profit organizations, becoming brand ambassadors for their chosen causes, and dedicated to making a difference in society.

  • 3:00 - 3:10 PM  - Welcome Address

  • 3:10 - 5:30 PM  - Youth Leaders Speak

  • 5:30 - 5:40 PM  - Address by Chief Guests

  • 5:40 - 5:50 PM  - Award Ceremony

  • 5:50 - 5:55 PM  - Grand Swearing in ceremony for the year 2024-25

  • 5:55 - 5:57 PM  - Traditional Group Cake Cutting

  • 5:57 - 6:00 PM  - Vote of Thanks & Networking

View the detailed speaker line-up here

Causes and Speakers

Volunteer Fair

Volunteer Fair.png

We have always admired the incredible work non-profit organizations do in uplifting our community.


Enspire Academy is thrilled to invite non-profit organizations to participate in the volunteer fair at our 8th National Public Speaking Conference, ‘Enfluence: Youth Leaders Speaking Up For A Cause’, dedicated to providing a platform for youth leaders to advocate causes that resonate deeply with our shared mission.

Opportunities for Your Organization:

By attending and participating in the Volunteer fair at Enfluence, your organization will have the opportunity to:


  • Connect with youth who are eager to make a difference and may be potential volunteers or collaborators for your initiative.

  • Showcase your organization’s mission and volunteer opportunities with a broader audience, including students, parents, and community members.

  • Build relationships with other non-profits and community groups dedicated to other causes, fostering potential collaborative efforts.


We believe that your presence at the Enfluence volunteer fair would provide your organization with valuable exposure and connections that can help further your mission.

Email with your information to hold your spot in the fair.

Why Should You Attend


An experience that will make a difference in you​

Enfluence is not just an event to spectate; it's an experience that will leave you inspired and motivated to make a difference in your own life and community.

In the past, our attendees said,    

Enfluence - speaking audience.jpg

"Witnessing the passion and determination of youth leaders at Enfluence has ignited a fire within me. Their stories, struggles, and triumphs have inspired me to become a catalyst for change."

- College Student    

Facing large audience with courage.jpg

Attending Enfluence gave me the opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, potential mentors, and influential community leaders. Now I am hoping to create a positive impact in my community"

- Entrepreneur 

Speaking up for a cause.jpg

By attending Enfluence I found opportunities to work alongside established non-profit organizations and contribute to causes that resonate with me.

- High School Student 

Question & Answer sessions by delegates.jpg

Enfluence gave me newfound confidence, ready to take on challenges and make a positive impact in my own unique way.

- Senior Executive   

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Enfluence - speaking audience
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Enfluence - speaking up 1
Keshav Kartik - NJ Legislature Award.jpg
Keshav Kartik - Enfluence 2019 Winner
Speaking up for Help Foundation
Captivated Audience
Speaking up for Rotary International
Speaking up for Education
Judges Q & A session


2023 Enfluence Flyer -4.jpg
Enfluence 2023

Causes represented: Chris Long Foundation  | Hugs for Brady | American Diabetes Association

Habitat for Humanity | Teen Pep | SAMHIN | Soldiers Angels | Special Olympics

Enfluence - speaking up 4.jpg
Enfluence 2022
  • Causes represented: Child Labor, Cleft Palate, Deforestation, Disability Employment, Educational Equity, Financial Literacy, Global Warming, Homelessness, Infrastructure in Schools, Period Poverty, Premature Babies, Prescription Abuse, Prison Reform System, Racism in America, Women Empowerment, World Hunger

  • Image: Urja Saha, represented School House World for the cause of Educational Inequality​

Enfluence 2021 - Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2021
  • Causes represented: Period Poverty; Education for Underprivileged;  Mental Health; Climate Change;  Water Poverty;  Industrial Overfishing;  Suicide Prevention;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Domestic Abuse;  Cleft Palate;  Obesity;  Homelessness;  Diabetes;  Sex Trafficking


  • Image: Pranav Krishan, represented Rutgers Climate Institution for the cause of Climate Change​

Enfluence 2020 - Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2020
  • Causes represented: Opioid Abuse; Uplifting Education in the villages of India; UNICEFs Trick or Treat;  Mental Health Awareness; Education in Underdeveloped Countries; Alzheimer's Disease;  Animal Cruelty; Heart Disease; Child Abuse; Helping the Impoverished;  Autism;  Teen Tobacco Use; Parkinson's Disease;  Disaster relief; Anxiety Disorder;  ALS.

  • Image: Nishk Sutaria, represented the cause of Opioid Abuse 

Keshav Kartik - Enfluence 2019 Winner.jpg
Enfluence 2019
  • Causes represented: Child Obesity; Education for Underprivileged;  Mental Health; Opioid Abuse;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Child Slavery; Domestic Abuse;  Homelessness;  Animal Cruelty;  Sex Trafficking


  • Image: Keshav Kartik, WWP High School South Student; brand ambassador for the cause of Child Obesity, represented the organization 'Healthy Kids Running Series'. Winner of the NJ Legislature award, recognized by Senator Linda Greenstein, for showcasing passion and commitment.

Enfluence 2018- Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2018
  • Causes represented: Parkinson's Disease; Education for Underprivileged;  Suicide Prevention;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Domestic Abuse; Heart Attack Prevention; Homelessness;  Diabetes;  


  • Image: Vishal Madisetti, brand ambassador for the cause of Parkinson's Disease, represented the organization 'Parkinson's Alliance'.

Enfluence 2017- Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2017
  • Causes represented: Positive Volunteering; Equity in Education;  Preventing Drug Addiction; Breast cancer awareness;  Education for underprivileged; Healthy babies;   Women care.


  • Image: Aloki. P, brand ambassador for the cause of positivity, represented the organization 'Rotary International'. Recognized by Senator Linda Greenstein, NJ Legislature for showcasing commitment.



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