What's Enfluence?

 'Enfluence' is a national public speaking conference, conducted annually. High School students who have demonstrated commitment and passion to a cause will be invited to speak up for the cause and showcase their work in front of Government delegates and high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Speaking at Enfluence is STRICTLY by invitation

The Speakers will,

  • Influence the audience to get a YES-response

  • Express their view with the perfect voice 

  • Create a lasting impact on the audience

Enfluence 2021 - Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2021

Causes represented: Period Poverty; Education for Underprivileged;  Mental Health; Climate Change;  Water Poverty;  Industrial Overfishing;  Suicide Prevention;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Domestic Abuse;  Cleft Palate;  Obesity;  Homelessness;  Diabetes;  Sex Trafficking


Image: Pranav Krishan, represented Rutgers Climate Institution for the cause of Climate Change​

Enfluence 2020 - Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2020

Causes represented: Opioid Abuse; Uplifting Education in the villages of India; UNICEFs Trick or Treat;  Mental Health Awareness; Education in Underdeveloped Countries; Alzheimer's Disease;  Animal Cruelty; Heart Disease; Child Abuse; Helping the Impoverished;  Autism;  Teen Tobacco Use; Parkinson's Disease;  Disaster relief; Anxiety Disorder;  ALS.


Image: Nishk Sutaria, represented the cause of Opioid Abuse 

Keshav Kartik - Enfluence 2019 Winner.jpg
Enfluence 2019

Causes represented: Child Obesity; Education for Underprivileged;  Mental Health; Opioid Abuse;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Child Slavery; Domestic Abuse;  Homelessness;  Animal Cruelty;  Sex Trafficking


Image: Keshav Kartik, WWP High School South Student; brand ambassador for the cause of Child Obesity, represented the organization 'Healthy Kids Running Series'. Winner of the NJ Legislature award, recognized by Senator Linda Greenstein, for showcasing passion and commitment.

Enfluence 2018- Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2018

Causes represented: Parkinson's Disease; Education for Underprivileged;  Suicide Prevention;  Alzheimer's Disease;  Domestic Abuse; Heart Attack Prevention; Homelessness;  Diabetes;  


Image: Vishal Madisetti, brand ambassador for the cause of Parkinson's Disease, represented the organization 'Parkinson's Alliance'.

Enfluence 2017- Public Speaking.jpg
Enfluence 2017

Causes represented: Positive Volunteering; Equity in Education;  Preventing Drug Addiction; Breast cancer awareness;  Education for underprivileged; Healthy babies;   Women care.


Image: Aloki. P, brand ambassador for the cause of positivity, represented the organization 'Rotary International'. Recognized by Senator Linda Greenstein, NJ Legislature for showcasing commitment.

Keshav Kartik - NJ Legislature Award.jpg
Keshav Kartik - Enfluence 2019 Winner
Speaking up for Help Foundation
Captivated Audience
Speaking up for Rotary International
Speaking up for Education
Judges Q & A session