Modes of Training

Students can take one or a combination of the following medium of instruction, round the year to help them grow.

Virtual  Learning

Enspire Academy's Online training is not a compromise, it's an advantage. All online group classes, cover all aspects of our curriculum maintaining the top-quality that the academy prides itself on.​ Even in a virtual setting we,


Creating Success Through Effective Training

Learners who opt for virtual online training learn from professional trainers and get access to advanced tools to ensure 360° learning and development.

Certified Trainers
Enspire Hub
Enspire Classroom
Enspire Analytics

Maintaining Quality & Consistency

  • Learn using advanced video conference tools with high AV quality and advanced features, just like top universities and corporates.

  • Excellent student-teacher ratio, allowing time for deeper learning and interaction

  • Interact with peers & mentors outside class hours using our online collaboration tool.

  • Stay up-to-date with all assignments & projects with online learning management tools.

Maintaining Class Effectiveness

  • The meeting invite will be shared in advance. 

  • The student must join the meeting room ON TIME.

  • All homework/worksheets must be turned in before the class.

  • Every group class will include group activities & discussions.

  • Preferably, use a computer for improved speed and fewer distractions.

Online Classroom Expectations

  • Sit a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. (No walk-ins / walk-outs)

  • Ensure the spot is well-lit and your face is clearly visible.

  • Sit in a proper chair in front of a desk/table (Not on the bed)

  • Keep your phones away.

  • The video must be turned on for the entire class duration. 

  • Students will be presenting their speech by standing 3-4 feet away from the computer. (Make room for that)

  • Dress appropriately, as you would dress for in-person classes. 

  • Headphones are encouraged. (not mandatory)



We offer scientifically developed programs that result in instant success and lasting effect. At Enspire Academy we have mastered the art of coaching for success and eager to help you achieve your goal of bringing up responsible and successful individuals.  



Enspire Academy also offers individualized one-on-one coaching to teens and adults.  Enspire Academy has the reputation for using creative techniques and coaching methodologies to achieve outstanding results in a short span of time.


​​“I so appreciated Priya’s style as she helped me with business goal setting.  Her kind, but direct, approach worked well for me as she mentored me while developing my own coaching practice.  It was amazing how much work I was able to accomplish after her sessions.               

 - Cathy Wardzala

Head Office:

   4 Market Street Suite #800

   Plainsboro, NJ 08536 

 (Off Schalks Crossing Road)    

Training Locations: 

  • Plainsboro New Jersey, USA

  • Edison, New Jersey, USA

  • Online (Across the world)

For Teens
For Adults
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