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Oliver Malkowski

A high school senior, journalist, and passionate about creating magical content. Oliver is a confident speaker and a keen listener, and an intern at Enspire Academy.


His experience as a lifeguard enhanced his quick thinking skills and adaptability. One specific instance is when he rescued a younger patron despite being on the other side of the pool. He has had many other self-fulling moments as a lifeguard.


As a student at Enspire Academy, he completed the confident speaker and smart student courses. He gained an extensive amount of public speaking experience as well as confidence.

"Enspire Academy has allowed me to have my first experience of speaking in front of a crowd of over a hundred people twice. Both occasions benefited me in extraordinary ways and made me a better speaker, student, and leader," says Oliver.

Sanjana Kulkarni

An experienced journalist and an avid debater, currently, the head for a magazine aiming to educate people about women in STEM. Apart from writing and debating, Sanjana tutors kids in Math and English.


Being an Enfluencer at EnspireAcademy (after completing 5 levels of its curriculum) she got the opportunity to speak up in front of Senators and councilmen.  


In a brief conversation, Sanjana said, “Enspire Academy has not only made me a persuasive speaker, smarter student, and better person, but also helped me understand that my words have an everlasting impact, and my opinions deserve to be heard. I can not thank Mrs. Priya enough for instilling this newfound confidence in me. Thank you Enspire Academy!”

Pooja Raghuram

An experienced speaker and a passionate writer,  Pooja is a  board member of the computer science club at her school. She is also an active member of a non-profit organization aiming to make computer science concepts accessible to all.

Being an Enfluencer at EnspireAcademy (after completing 5 levels of its curriculum) she got the opportunity to speak up in front of Senators and councilmen.  

Pooja truly believes that the skills she gained from Enspire Academy have helped her explore great opportunities. By pursuing an internship at Enspire Academy, Pooja hopes to learn even more skills and powerful ways to create an impact in her community


Nithin Pillai

A compassionate writer and speaker, Nithin has been getting trained at Enspire Academy for 4 years.


Being an Enfluencer at Enspire Academy has given him the opportunity to speak up for Autism in front of the Senators & councilmen. His compassionate speech touched the hearts of many.


"The skills and attitudes learned at Enspire Academy paved new ways for him to grow as a speaker and a leader and helped him excel in volleyball as well!" says Nithin.

Panav Rastogi

A dedicated and determined student, Panav has a diverse range of experience in leadership positions from tutoring math and English at Eyelevel Learning to leading groups and teachings in IFMP (Indian Foundation of Metropolitan Princeton), a nonprofit organization.


He is an athlete on the High School North Varsity Golf team and actively participates in SAASA, a high school dance organization.

"Enspire Academy has helped me master public speaking skills and confidence and shaped me into a well-rounded student through the coursework and internship opportunities.", says Panav.  "The thunderous applause I get when I step off that stage is always a moment of pride!" Panav added.


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