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Giving a Speech

Public Speaking Classes for Youth & Executives

Public Speaking Skills

“If you can speak you can influence If you can influence you can change lives.”
Did you know?​
  • 90% of educationalists believe confident communication is the most skill for youth to get ahead in the world today. 
  • 93% of employers want employees with the capacity to think critically and communicate clearly.

Why Public Speaking?

"No one is listening to me",

"I feel invisible in a meeting",

"I blank out when I present in front of an audience" etc... 


If you are one of those people who face the above-mentioned issues, then you need to know one truth.

Good public speaking and presentation skills are a must for any career, community work, or social life. If you are anxious or nervous to speak up, you start to shy away from opportunities, end up avoiding to speak or delivering low-quality presentations. 

Enspire Academy adopts creative ways to address the root cause of the fear and then trains youth and adults to become expert speakers. The course helps everyone to discover his/her original style instead of using a 'cookie-cutter' approach to public speaking training. 

Our Public Speaking Course

Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to address issues and build confidence and interpersonal skills.

The course includes

  • Identifying your true-style

  • Interactive classes

  • Debates

  • Group discussions

Our step-by-step curriculum for pre-teens and teens helps them become confident communicators.

Public speaking classes for college students and adults will enhance skills to perform better and accelerate growth.

Customized training packages for all corporates, for-profit & non-profit organizations.

Our Public Speaking Training

will help you,

  • Overcome fear of public speaking

  • Improve verbal skills

  • Refine non-verbal skills

  • Improve critical thinking

  • Speak confidently

  • Improve presentation skills 

  • Improve your social presence

Did you know we offer a

FREE orientation meeting that includes a free initial assessment?

Pre-Teens & Teens
Coursework for
  • Expository Speech        

  • Persuasive Speech

  • Informational Speech

  • Demonstrative Speech

  • Inspirational Speech

  • Oratory Speech

  • Argumentative Speech

  • Impromptu Speech

  • Debates

  • Interpersonal skills

Young Adults & Adults
Coursework for
  • Elevator Pitch

  • Sales Presentations

  • In-person Meetings

  • Team Discussions

  • Impromptu addresses

  • Influential Speech

  • Video Conferencing

  • Conference Call Presentations

  • Panel Discussions

What do our clients say about our public speaking classes?

“Since childhood, I’ve always been a quiet child. I would be the kid that didn’t raise his hand in class. The things I most dreaded about school were oral reports or world language exams where you had to engage in a conversation. Enspire Academy helped me step out of my comfort zone to talk to more people and participate in class. Eventually,  got to the point where I was able to deliver speeches in front of crowds of hundreds of people”

-Youth Client

I want to thank you for inculcating the confidence to speak confidently and developing their overall self-esteem.

-Adult Client

Accelerate Your Learning

We can help you select the right course for you.

Take the Advantage

You need to be challenged appropriately to accelerate your learning. So, we offer a free initial assessment to place them at the right level.

Secure Your Spot

Don't have the time to take the assessment? Then secure your spot by signing up for a course.

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