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Modes of Training

Students can take one or a combination of the following medium of instruction, round the year to help them grow.


Capitalize on the flexibility in pace and time by taking our e-learning packages.

What to Expect?

  • Once you have registered for a course, you will get access to Enspire Hub.

  • You can pace your learning  yourself

  • You will not be attending any classroom instruction. (both in-person or virtual)

  • You can communicate with coaches to get your doubts clarified online through Enspire Classroom.

  • We recommend that you practice the skills on your own.

Training Tools

E-Learning clients use Enspire Hub & Enspire Classroom to complete the coursework. 

Enspire Hub
Enspire Classroom

Opinion About Our Training

Enspire academy is a wonderful place for teens to learn how to be confidently present themselves.  In these classes, you not only learn all the skills for public speaking but also gain confidence and a successful mindset. 

-Parent of a teenager

Enspire academy really helped me to fix my public speaking issues in record time by focusing on long term psychological solutions. There was a personal session to find and discuss the problem and then group sessions to practice the solutions.

- Adult Client

Enspire Academy was an incredible experience. I learned so much about how to be a professional public speaker and how to incorporate confidence and positivity into my daily life. 

-Youth Client

Take the Advantage

Take A Free Assessment

Students need to be challenged appropriately. So, we offer a free initial assessment to place them at the right level.

Secure Your Spot

Not have the time to take the assessment? Then secure your spot by signing up for a course.

Take the Advatage
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