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Practical Training To Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Course Overview
Course Overview
LEVEL 4.5: Communication Skills Lab
A Bridge Course to Level - 5 Program

Total Duration

3 Phases for

12 hours each

Recommended Age

14 years - 60 years


Level 4

Effort Outside Class

1  hour/week

What is the difference between talking and conversing?
Talking is a one-way street where a person just speaks to an audience while conversing is a
2-way street where a person speaks and listens to engage in meaningful interaction. Keeping a conversation going is an art.
Conversational skills are crucial in everyday life and in jobs.
69% list strong communication skills as a reason they are confident in hiring graduates from business school.

Enspire Communication Skills Lab is designed for students who can take the challenge of advancing their communication skills by participating in real-life projects. Please consult your coach to help you determine your eligibility for this program.
The purpose of this
self-directed course is to help students improve everyday conversations while increasing engagement. This course is conducted as a skills lab where students learn by practicing conversational skills.  

Classes can be offered through in-person training and virtual meetings.

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Have you completed Level - 4 and wish to take the Communication Skills Lab?
How it Works
Skills Lab
How It Works?
Support Groups

Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to elevate confidence, speaking and writing skills 

Level - 4.5 training includes a wide variety of practical exercises, classroom collaboration, and projects. Students meet once a week in Fall, Winter, or Spring to learn the coursework and practice the skills.  


The course is self-paced and flexible. But, students need to successfully graduate from Level-4 to start the coursework. Classes can be taken either in-person or through zoom virtual meetings.

The coursework includes

  • Game and role-play to improve conversational skills

  • Classroom collaboration to improve interpersonal skills

  • Personalized feedback

  • Enspiring Succes project 

After completing successfully completing the coursework, students will be invited to initiate the Enspire Success Projects.

Students with a rating of 3’s and 4’s automatically advance to Phases 1, 2, and 3 while those earning a 2 or less require to repeat the course.

Allocation of projects is purely based on the performance rating.

Skills Lab

Skills lab takes place every week for 1 hour over zoom where students will be practicing conversational skills

Learn by Practicing
  • How to engage in meaningful conversations?

  • How to ask effective questions that will keep the conversation going?

  • How to actively listen during conversations to encourage people to speak?

  • How to respond effectively?

  • How to have ethical thinking while conversing?

  • How to use good narrative skills to make conversations interesting?

  • How to practice good conversational etiquette?

  • How to participate in active discussions?

Classroom Collaboration

Participate actively in the virtual classroom to collaborate with peers and plan successful projects.

Learn by Practicing
  • Participate in active discussions with peers

  • Practice conversational etiquette

  • Analyze and discuss current events

  • Practice ethical thinking through exercises

  • Collaborate with peers to plan communication projects

Enspire Success Projects

"Enspire Success" is an innovative project designed for the students of Enspire Academy to take their communication skills to a greater level and to inspire success among the youth.

Project Options

Get the opportunity to

  • Conduct talk shows with peers and outside members (Phase  - 1)

  • Interview people from the community to inspire success. (Phase -2)

  • Make podcasts on Ensprie Academy's channel (Phase -3) or

  • Make solo shows on Enspire Academy's YouTube channel (Phase - 3)

Students receive a performance rating in every class based on their assignment effort and growth. 


A student may earn the following performance ratings based on their effort & growth:

4  - Excellent

3 - Satisfactory

2 - Developing

1 - Unsatisfactory. 


Students can enroll in all the following:

  1. February 6 to May 20 

  2. June 21 to September 16

  3. September 19 - Dec 20

Enspiring Success