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Be the Change...

Am I right or wrong? This is one question that pops into our heads many times. A need to be right all the time is a subconscious craving that all of us have. It forces us to stay put in our path irrespective of the end result. We are scared to make a change.

Is this healthy? May be not! Powerful leadership is correlated to being decisive, enduring and persistent. But we live in a constantly changing world where what is right is not permanent, and so is what is wrong. This scenario calls for smart leaders who are open to reevaluating their circumstances, revising their understanding and reinventing their course.

Do you see smart leaders in real? At a conference in 2012, Tim Cook, Apple CEO shared what impressed him the most in Steve Jobs. He said, “Steve would flip on something so fast that you would forget that he was the one taking the 180-degree polar opposite position the day before,” he told the audience. “I saw it daily. This is a gift, because things do change, and it takes courage to change. It takes courage to say, ‘I was wrong.’ I think he had that.

What can I do? Things change, people change, situations change. Just go beyond those numbers and details to see the bigger picture and get the helicopter view. It takes courage to say, “I was wrong”. But it is a necessary trait to reevaluate, revise and reinvent ourselves.  

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