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Public Speaking Classes & 
Leadership Training for Youth

The Strongest Foundation to Face The Real World

The Truth Behind Public Speaking Training & Leadership Classes for Youth

Thank you for stopping by to learn about the youth programs of Enspire Academy! With 20+ years of experience in building confidence, public speaking skills, and leadership skills in youth, we are glad to share our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals as a parent.

Present-day youth lead a life with many physical, emotional, and intellectual changes. The competitive school systems expect them to showcase all-around accomplishments. The surge of technology and social media deprives them of opportunities to speak and have real conversations. This pushes youth to live in their own “bubble” making parents confused and helpless.

We understand your aspirations in raising your child(ren) to become confident and successful. As a parent you are continuously seeking the ideal balance between enforcing rules and giving the freedom to your child(ren) to explore and learn, learning ways to cope with challenging behaviors, and fostering independence in order to prepare your child(ren) for making responsible decisions as they get older.

How can you ensure that your child builds confidence to overcome challenges and develops into an inspiring person?

Here is where we can help you. 

In everything we do, we believe in inspiring people.

That is why we are passionate about transforming youth into purpose-driven leaders so that they learn to grow and inspire people around them.

You may think, how is it even possible? Read further to find out!

We're pleased to introduce you to our six-step, research-based curriculum, that combines neuroscience and learning theories to teach youth how to overcome fear, speak with confidence, communicate clearly, and lead like real leaders. 


With the help of our personalized approach, interactive sessions, and the depth of knowledge acquired through 20+ years of experience training and mentoring youth, your child will learn and love to speak up and be prepared to face the world like a leader.


You may wonder if it is really important to invest in confidence and public speaking skills training while my friends and peers are focused on improving their children's abilities in academics, sports, or arts to thrive in their careers.

The true value of confidence and communication skills in various contexts, such as the classroom, the workplace, and social interactions has been proven by numerous studies. Did you know that Stanford University conducted a 20-year-long study and found that the most important factor in students’ success is their ability to communicate confidently? Students who interact with teachers and their classmates are more likely to participate effectively in class and perform better academically.


Furthermore, confidence and effective communication are crucial for both career growth and work effectiveness. You may have seen in your professional life that people who are confident and have strong communication skills are more likely to succeed in their positions and be recognized as leaders within the organization.

Now, let's explore this a little further.

Our Curriculum

An Overview of Our Success

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Hear from our youth clients...

Young Blonde Man

"It was a pleasure to watch the students transform to young orators within a short period. It has been an exhilarating experience to watch them give those mesmerizing speeches. Always these Speech graduations ceased us to the stunning point. A big thanks for your relentless involvement in molding the students. Appreciate everything."


High School Student

Class Schedule for Youth Programs

Schedule Overview

We admit students only 4 times a year.

 1. Fall: Classes begin in September/October

 2. Winter: Classes begin in January/February

 3. Spring: Classes begin in March/April

 4. Summer: Classes meet June to August

Recommended Age: Grade 6 & Above

Take the Advantage

We offer a free initial assessment to challenge students appropriately and place them at the right level.

Have you already completed the initial assessment? Then, register now!

An Overview of
Our 6-step Journey Towards Leadership

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How Does It Work?

1. Building Confidence & Public Speaking Skills:

Students first complete levels 1, 2 & 3 of the Confident Communicator™ Program to,​ boost confidence, learn public speaking skills & improve writing skills

2. Improving Time Management, Executive Functioning & Leadership Skills:

Then, students take the leadership levels ( 4, 5, & 6) to refine executive functioning skills, ace influential speaking & conversational skills, and finally master leadership skills

What Makes Our Curriculum Unique?

1. Inner Confidence Development: (Levels 1 - 3)

  • We focus on development from within, i.e beginning with building self-esteem and self-efficacy using science-based techniques to bring about inner, true confidence in every student; the stepping stone of public speaking and leadership.

2. Comprehensive Communication Skills Development: (Levels 1 - 6)

  • Our communication skills training teaches youth how to communicate effectively with others in a variety of contexts, ensuring success in personal and professional settings. To name a few:

    • Public Speaking/ Oratory: We adopt the "Authentic Approach" rather than the "cookie-cutter approach". Our public speaking skills training and oratorical skills training include identifying the student's true style of speaking, perfecting the art of verbal and nonverbal communication techniques, and focusing on transforming students into confident speakers and exceptional debaters.

    • Writing: Our goal is to strengthen the ability to understand, analyze and interpret the context and prompts and teach students to create compelling content for speeches, emails, and other types of formal communication.

    • Interpersonal communication: Honing the ability to effectively communicate with people through verbal and nonverbal means, as well as the ability to establish and maintain relationships, resolve conflicts, and navigate social situations.

    • Listening: We put our efforts into improving the ability to actively listen, understand and interpret messages of others, as well as respond appropriately and have engaging conversations with others.

3. Executive Functioning Skills Development: (Level 4)

  • Our executive functioning skills training help youth improve planning, organization, decision-making, and problem-solving. Success in school, the workplace, and interpersonal relationships depend on the mastery of these skills.

4. Holistic Leadership Development: (Levels 5 - 6)

  • We go the extra mile in providing our students with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to develop as leaders and make success their habit. Our training includes:

    • Experiential Learning: We teach leadership experientially, as in "on-the-job training" rather than through lectures and workshops. through activities like role-playing, case studies, and other practical experiences. is inculcated through practical training, internship opportunities, and classroom learning with unique coaching methodologies.

    • Etiquette Training: We impart high standards of conduct that are deemed appropriate and ethical in social and professional contexts. We help them create a charismatic personality that will give them an edge in professional interactions.

    • Innovative Classroom Training: Our classroom training strengthens knowledge gained from experiential learning through analyzing real-life business leaders, case studies analysis, role-playing, and other hands-on activities.

    • Mentorship: Our students have access to mentors or coaches who can offer advice and assistance during and after completing the course.


You will love our comprehensive curriculum.

Click the blue boxes below to learn more about our individual levels 

An Overview of Our Approach

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What Makes Our Training Unique?

Driving a point through a teenager's mind is a hard task. But we have mastered that art with our decades of experience working with them

Our Systematic Training Delivers Quick & Lasting Results because it includes the following:

  1. Skills assessment: 

    • Remember, Random enrollments = Chaotic results. That's why we take the time to meet with you (parent(s) + child) to understand your goals and needs and identify the current skills and knowledge of the prospective learner through a FREE orientation and assessment. We conduct this in a non-intimidating and non-judgemental environment.

  2. Setting Clear Learning objectives:

    • The initial meeting along with the assessment helps us create a long-term plan for your child, set the appropriate learning objectives that the training program aims to achieve by placing your child on the appropriate training track, place him/her with an ideal group of students after enrollment and maximize their learning in every class.

  3. Effective Training Content & Delivery:

    • The training content of our confidence-building and public speaking classes has been designed using neuroscience and learning theories. They meet the learning objectives and are relevant to the needs of the learner. Our youth classes include fun games, group discussions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and other activities. We offer our training through in-person and virtual classes. We supplement our lessons with simple collaborative projects, fun holiday activities, and professional graduation speeches.

  4. Regular Evaluation & Feedback:

    • We are proud to say that we are the BEST with continuous evaluation and providing personalized feedback to our students in every class. is the process of assessing the effectiveness of the training program. This can involve collecting feedback from learners, measuring changes in performance or behavior, and conducting other types of assessments to determine whether the learning objectives were met.

You will love our systematic training. 

Want to learn more about our training? 

Our Approach
Our Success
How it works?

An Overview of the Journey

 6 step journey.jpg

Building Confidence & Public Speaking Skills

Did you know confidence & public speaking go hand in hand?


Delivering a powerful and persuasive message requires strong communication skills and a high level of confidence. While the lack of confidence can make it difficult for speakers to engage with their audience, poor communication skills will hinder the process of conveying ideas clearly. Therefore, confidence and public speaking are closely linked. That's the reason we begin the journey towards leadership by simultaneously working on developing confidence and improving communication skills.

Students can master the art of confident communication by completing the 3 levels of the Confident Communicator™ Program.​ 

The 3 levels are;

1. Level 1: Confident Communicator 1.0

​2. Level 2: Confident Communicator 2.0

3. Level 3: Confident Communicator 3.0

We do offer two accelerated tracks to complete the above-mentioned levels faster. Learn more by visiting our 'CHALLENGE YOURSELF' page

You will love the resulting success.

Gain Confidence & Public Speaking Skills

Students can master the art of confident communication by completing the 3 levels of the Confident Communicator™ Program.​ The 3 levels are;

  • Confident Communicator 1.0

  • Confident Communicator 2.0

  • Confident Communicator 3.0

The first step in your journey to a confident communicator.

The second step to transforming into a confident communicator.

The final step to transforming into a confident communicator.

Improving Time Management, Executive Functioning & Leadership Skills

Setting objectives, creating efficient plans to achieve those goals, and making wise judgments that are in the best interests of the group or organization are some of the most significant responsibilities of a good leader. These are nothing but executive functioning skills.

Furthermore, effective leadership often involves the ability to navigate complex situations and make quick decisions under pressure. Skills such as the ability to influence through impeccable communication, strong emotional intelligence, empathy, and many more, will enable youth to think critically and creatively and make informed decisions.

Youth who possesses strong executive functioning skills and a range of leadership skills is more likely to be effective leaders.

After successfully graduating from Level 3: Confident Communicator 3.0, our students begin to master executive functioning and leadership skills by completing the leadership track.​ ​

You will love the resulting success.

Leadership Track

Research proves that students who have taken leadership training develop important skills, such as

  • Effective Communication

  • Strong Critical thinking

  • Ethical Decision-making.

  • High Emotional Intelligence

Did you know we offer a

FREE orientation meeting that includes a free initial assessment?

What do our clients say about our public speaking classes?

Find out more about the innovative opportunities we offer to our students enrolled in the leadership track

SMART Student Program

Executive Functioning Skills Development: Training to improve planning, organization, decision-making, and problem-solving. The program will boost your productivity, efficiency, and ability to think on your feet. your success in school or the workplace depends on the mastery of these skills.

Communication Skills Lab

Interpersonal communication: Honing the ability to have engaging conversations with people through verbal and nonverbal means, as well as the ability to establish and maintain relationships, resolve conflicts, and navigate social situations.

Enfluencer Program

Influential Communication: Advance training to help individuals convey a message powerfully and influence others to take action. The program will help you persuade, inspire, and influence others to adopt a particular perspective or behavior and create a profound impact on the world.

Enspired Leader Program

Leadership Development: Advance training to master the ability to navigate complex situations and make quick decisions under pressure. The program improve the ability to influence through impeccable communication, strong emotional intelligence, and empathy, hone the ability to demonstrate professionalism through ethical thinking, etiquette and compassion.


Opportunities for Youth

Did you know we offer amazing and unique opportunities to our students, round the year that will help them,

Speaking Opportunities

At every step, we offer a platform to showcase confidence & grow as a confident speaker.

Volunteering & Internship

Get unique opportunities to showcase confidence and communication skills in real life.

College Planning & Prep

Our innovative programs help in improving college profiles, college prep and support 

Class Schedule

Program Schedule for Youth

Students can enroll 4 times a year.

  1. Fall: September 

  2. Winter: January 

  3. Spring - April

  4. Summer: June

Take the Advantage

Students need to be challenged appropriately. So, we offer a free initial assessment to place them at the right level.

Secure Your Spot

Not have the time to take the assessment? Then secure your spot by signing up for a course.

View the Journey
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