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Transform into A 
Purpose-driven Leader


Course Overview
LEVEL 6: Enspired Leader Program

Coursework Includes:

  1. Experiential Learning

  2. Internship Opportunities

  3. Leadership 3.0

  4. Expert Speaker

  5. Interview Training

  6. Etiquette Training

Total Duration

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Recommended Age

15 years - 60 years


Level 5

Enrollment by Invitation only

Effort Outside Class

1 - 2 hours/week

Do you have the invitation to take the Enspired Leader coursework?
You are about to open the door to an exemplary career!

Why Leadership?


"Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better." - Bill Bradley


Research shows that 'Top Achievers' are distinguished from the rest by certain attributes/skills, that drives them to embrace success. Youth who are empowered with these strategic skills focus on their ambitions, and understand how to channel their energies more constructively on things that matter the most to their ambition and success. 


The Enspired Leader program is a unique program, designed to inculcate leadership skills in youth, combining classroom with on-the-job training. This innovative approach helps them practice leadership as they learn.


Our Youth Leaders have the clarity that learning is a constant process throughout your professional life, and it doesn’t stop when you’ve become a team leader. They also know that they inspire other students to perform better by mentoring and feedback and pass on the wisdom learned to other people.


The Enspired Leader program is by invitation only. Students must successfully complete pre-requisite courses to qualify for this program. The training includes 22 hours of classroom training and at least 120 hours of Internship. The individual components of the program are explained below.


Leadership 3.0
Expert Speaker
Interview Traning
Etiquette Traning
Expert Writer
How It Works?

Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to elevate confidence, speaking, and content creation skills 

Our Level-6 training includes advanced coursework, internship opportunities, and speaking opportunities to help prospective youth leaders get the necessary experience and training to transform into purpose-driven leaders.   


Students need to complete the internship and experiential learning modules of the course and qualify to take the classroom training. The course is self-paced and flexible. But, students need to get a formal invitation from the Director to start the coursework. 

The coursework includes

  • Activities to improve spark original ideas

  • Strategies to become a charismatic speaker

  • Advanced strategies inspire any audience

  • Advanced training to present a TED talk

  • Video analysis and personalized feedback

After completing successfully completing the coursework, project, and volunteering requirement, students will get invited to present their original idea at the prestigious biennial, National Leadership Conference, EnspiED

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Public Speaker

Leadership 3.0

At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Develop the mindset of a leader

  • Make things happen

  • Exceed expectations

  • Persevere to succeed

  • Improve emotional intelligence

  • Resolve conflicts and work as a team

  • Think creatively and create solutions

  • Make Success a Habit

Female Lecturer

Expert Speaker

At the end of the program, students learn to:

  • Create a strong stage presence

  • Captivate an audience with style

  • Build authenticity with logic & language

  • Weave creativity into speeches

  • Inspire & educate the listeners

  • Speak with laser focus and discipline

  • Tackle timed presentations

  • Design top-notch presentation slides


Expert Writer

Students learn to create top-notch content by learning advanced techniques.

  • Well-crafted TED-style content

  • Advanced flow techniques

  • Authentic original content

  • Adding rich and dynamic content

  • Advanced usage & grammar

Job Interview

Interview Training

At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Carry a confident attitude

  • Use body language to their advantage

  • Respond to questions effectively

  • Answer ethical questions with ease 

  • Handle panel discussions

  • Develop a charismatic personality  


Ethics & Etiquette Training

At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Stay well-mannered at all times

  • Be gracious in social interactions

  • Be polite and stay sophisticated in public

  • Master table manners & dining etiquette

  • Cultivate conversational ethics and etiquette

Casual Business Meeting


The first step to getting qualified for the EnspirED Leader program is internship experience at Enspire Academy. In order to get admitted into the program, students must have experience in the following areas:

  • Mentoring students

  • Interact with prospective and existing clients

  • Event Management - (MCing, organizing events & fundraisers)

  • Offer public speaking training & give feedback.

  • Attend trade shows and represent Enspire Academy.

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