Course Overview
LEVEL 5: Enfluencer Program

Course Duration

16 hours

Recommended Age

Grade 9 & Above


Level 4

Effort Outside Class

1 - 2 hours/week

How It Works?

Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to address issues and build confidence, speaking, and writing skills.

Students meet once a week in Fall, Winter, or Spring to learn the coursework and practice the skills. Enspire classrooms are fun, interactive, and enriching. All enrolled students have full access to Enspire Hub our secure learning portal.


Classes can be taken either in-person or through zoom virtual meetings.

The coursework includes

  • Activities to improve critical thinking

  • Speech presentations

  • Personalized feedback

  • Debates

  • Group discussions

  • Volunteering work (outside class - 16 hours)

After completing the coursework and the volunteering requirement, students graduate by speaking up for a cause at the annual public event, EnfluenceSuccessful students earn a certificate and trophy and become Enfluencers.  


High School Students!


Take the course to develop leadership skills!

What a great way to boost his/her college profile!

Leadership 2.0

Leadership 2.0 is the fifth step toward transforming into a leader. The course work offers practical training to help students to learn leadership skills. 

Key Takeaways

At the end of the  program, students  get the opportunity to:

  • Practice positive work ethics

  • Collaborate with non-profits

  • Work for a cause

  • Showcase commitment

  • Volunteer to gain practice

Influential Speaker

Influential Speaker course work will train students on advanced strategies to develop influential and smart speaking skills. 

Key Takeaways
  • Influence with poise

  • Master articulation strategies

  • Be a dynamic speaker

  • Mesmerize with passion

  • Gain expressive voice

  • Modulate with tonal techniques

  • Ace microphone techniques

  • Create lasting impact

Influential  Writer 3.0

Confident Writer 3.0 is the third and final step to confident writing. The course work will train students on essential strategies to develop effective writing skills.

Key Takeaways

Master the art of influential writing. Students will learn skills to create:

  • Techniques for influential writing

  • Advanced structures

  • Use emotive language

  • Adding rich content

  • Perfect usage and grammar


Not in High School?

Don't worry. For students in 7th and 8th grade, we offer a bridge course to Enfluencer program,

Enspire Communication Lab

Students who have completed Level-4 get to showcase their communication skills through practical training and projects.


Head Office:

   4 Market Street Suite #800

   Plainsboro, NJ 08536 

 (Off Schalks Crossing Road)    

Training Locations: 

  • Plainsboro New Jersey, USA

  • Edison, New Jersey, USA

  • Online (Across the world)

For Teens
For Adults
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