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What Do We Do?


What do we do?

It's simple. Making Success a Habit.

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Empowering youth, adults, and organizations with skills to
drive success,
unleash true potential, and transform into impactful leaders.
Who are we?


Enspire Academy® was established with a vision to transform individuals into true leaders. A pioneer in developing a step-by-step leadership curriculum for youth and training tracks for adults and executives, Enspire Academy utilizes a unique combination of training and coaching strategies to create positive outcomes.


Our commitment help us create a positive shift at 3 levels:

  1. Motivate teens and young adults to aspire to greater success and achieve them.

  2. Accelerate career growth in adults.

  3. Helps organizations build a strong, dynamic team, cut costs, and make their vision a reality.


It's simple. Making Success a Habit.

Well-balanced youth
For Youth and Young Adults:

Driving a point across a teenager's mind is a hard task. But we have mastered that art with our years of experience.


It is absolutely essential to sow the right seeds in youth in order to have a bountiful harvest during adulthood. "Multiple studies referred to by the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition (NASET), USA, proves that youth who participate in leadership roles, planning activities, making presentations, and participating in extra-curricular activities show higher levels of self-efficacy, self-advocacy, and self-determination."(Edelman et al., 2004; Larson, 2000, Sagawa, 2003)

Today, the life of the youth looks pretty challenging. The highly competitive education system expects them to excel in everything in order to enter the top universities. As a result, they enroll in many curricular and extracurricular activities creating an overwhelmingly fast-paced lifestyle that makes them stressed and anxious. The innumerable distractions in the form of the Internet, video games, daunting peer pressure, and hormonal fluctuations only make their lives a whirling tornado.

How to make them win over the crippling challenges, acquire outstanding accolades, and stand distinct amongst their peers? It all starts with actual internal development, which occurs when youth discover the intrinsic desire to succeed and master the route to achieving success.  To guide them with this discovery and train them for the mastery you have Enspire Academy®!  Our step-by-step curriculum towards leadership offers them the right path to become self-motivated, goal-oriented, highly determined, effective, and creative individuals.


It's simple. Making Success a Habit.

Find balance
For Adults:
"Professional coaching has a positive and significant impact on an individual's performance/skills, well-being, coping, attitudes, and self-regulation."                      

                                                                                           - Studies by Theeboom T, Beersma B, van Vianen AEM.  


We offer collaborative, solution-focused, result-oriented, and systematic coaching which facilitates the enhancement of life experiences and goal attainment in the personal and/or professional life. Many times, though leading busy lives, people lose focus on their goals,  get stuck in their clutter, miss those 'blind spots', and seek professional fulfillment. 


How to overcome these bottlenecks? One-on-one coaching sessions for adults at Enspire Academy® help them gain a competitive advantage in their careers, improve people management skills, and acquire leadership qualities. 


It's simple. Making Success a Habit.

Business growth
For Organizations:

Employees are the face of an organization. Marketing brings clients to the doorstep, whereas the employees’ commitment keeps them coming back. 


18% of employees are actively disengaged in their work and workplace, while 67% are "not engaged." Engaged employees are motivated, productive, and act like brand ambassadors for the organization whereas disengaged employees add costs to organizations and cause massive losses in productivity. Research reveals that developing employees’ skills improve engagement.


We, at Enspire Academy®, offer customized training packages proven to influence positive outcomes. Our experience in training for public speaking and leadership skills for diverse groups of people will inspire your employees to excel and engage.


Meet Our Founder

Priya Kartik
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Empowering people to succeed, is her mission. Priya is a Certified Professional Coach, a Certified Life Coach, a motivational speaker, and an expert in coaching to achieve success. Priya’s contagious positivity and creative techniques have benefited 2000+ clients to accelerate their success. She founded Enspire Academy to help people influence positive outcomes through effective communication and leadership.

Her career as an Engineer with a management background and working across geographies provided unique experiences in interacting with people from varied age groups and ethnicities.


She believes in giving back to the community through her outreach projects and creating leaders for a better tomorrow.

Priya is also a devoted mother of two handsome boys. Music and hiking are her favorite hobbies.

Email Priya to schedule an appointment for a consultation!

Meet our Founder
What We Do?