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A Daunting Task

Yes, it's a daunting task; juggling various activities and responsibilities, sacrificing sleep to compete with the never-ending deadlines, and so on...

COVID-19 has made things worse. Work (or study) from home is not easy. The millions of distractions at your fingertips makes it especially difficult to focus in an environment that we associate with relaxation and free time. Therefore, time management and organizational skills are especially relevant today as people more than ever are slacking off.

While taking the SMART student program at Enspire Academy, I learned the importance of time management and how to incorporate it into my life. One of the many things that I took away from that class is that in order to effectively manage your time, it is necessary

  • to identify your priorities

  • have a long term vision for the future and

  • eliminate all distractions.

Your time is important. If you allow yourself to be distracted and you do not have a proper vision for the future, you are going to have to spend a lot more energy than necessary. Eliminating distractions ties into organization skills as well. Being organized means having a workspace that is completely free of clutter and distractions as well as having a clear and concise method of storing information.

With these integral skills, you can guarantee to be more productive and retain the culture of a real work environment.

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