Want your teen to be,

  • More effective with work?

  • More focussed in class?

  • Energetic all day?

  • A self- motivated learner?

  • Able to maintain that A⁺ with ease?

Who is a SMART Student?


Did you know?

  1. Teens either procrastinate their work or sacrifice their sleep time to accomplish everything in a day.
  2. Teens spend close to 10 minutes a day searching for things which are 152 days in a life time.
  3. Even the smartest student in a class flounders when faced with added challenges and greater expectations.


Present day teens have innumerable activities, in the form of homework, projects, tests, extra curricular classes, enrichment classes, after-school clubs, community work....etc. It requires tremendous skill to juggle between these tasks. Procrastination or sleeping late is not going to help.


Adolescents need about 9.2 hours of sleep each night, compared with the 7.5 to 8 hours that adults need. “Insufficient sleep put adolescents at risk for cognitive & emotional difficulties, including poor school performance, disciplinary problems, sleepiness in class and poor concentration. A recent research has revealed an association between sleep deprivation and poorer grades."       

                                                                                                                - American Psychological Association, October 2001 Monitor on Psychology.

A cluttered desk or a binder reduces productivity by half and increases stress levels. This is a dangerous situation to be in when grades matter the most.


The key to effective studying is not cramming or studying longer but studying 'smarter'. 


Therefore, an Effective Student is the one who has mastered the following skills:

  • Time Management Skills

  • Organisational Skills

  • Study Skills

Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to address issues and transforms every student into self-confident individuals.The course includes inspiring messages, interactive classroom sessions, innovative case studies and group discussions!!



RECOMMENDED AGE: Teen & College Students 


At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Plan their activities ahead

  • Be goal driven

  • Identify & focus on their priorities

  • Prevent procrastination & distractions

  • ​​Lead a well balanced life

  • Make SMART choices


At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Lead an organized lifestyle

  • Maintain clutter-free work space

  • Maintain clean closets 

  • Maintain organized lockers

  • Effective binder & paper management

  • Practice effective email management  


At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Transform into self directed learners

  • Become effective with their work

  • Identify their effective learning style

  • Improve classroom effectiveness 

  • Master SMART learning strategies

  • Ace quizzes and tests  


At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Express ideas clearly in a short time      

  • Improve day-to-day conversations

  • Develop critical thinking

  • ​Win debates and discussions

  • Become an efficient communicator



Enspire Academy also offers individualized one-on-one coaching to teens and adults.  Enspire Academy has the reputation for using creative techniques and coaching methodologies to achieve outstanding results in a short span of time.


I want to thank you for creating a platform for young students in public speaking and development of their overall self esteem, you are providing a yeoman service to the current and following generations. I want to salute you for that. 

                                   - High School Student

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