What clients say about us?


"Priya’s coaching helped me to do a complete turn-around when it came to building confidence. She is so very easy to talk to, & I felt like she really cares about my well-being.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and has so much experience in building confidence and inculcating the success qualities.  Her warm and welcoming personality makes her suitable for coaching both teens and adults. Moreover, Priya is quite inspirational & has a passion for life that is contagious.  Everything she speaks is positive, motivating & inspirational.  Priya helped me to achieve my goals and I am very grateful to her!"

-- Lorrie M     

"All the students inspired audience a lot with their performance. All the credit goes to the Coach Priya Kartik. We owe a BIG thanks to Priya Kartik" 

 --   Srinivas R     

I want to thank you for creating a platform for youth in public speaking and development of their overall self esteem, you are providing a yeoman service to the current and following generations. I want to salute you for that. 

 -- Pad    

“I so appreciated Priya’s style as she helped me with business goal setting.  Her kind, but direct, approach worked well for me as she mentored me while developing my own coaching practice.   It was amazing how much work I was able to accomplish after her sessions.”

-- Cathy Wardzala     

"It was a pleasure to watch the students transform to young orators within a short period. It has been an exhilarating experience to watch them give those mesmerizing speeches. Always these Speech graduations ceased us to the stunning point. A big thanks for your relentless involvement in molding the students. Appreciate everything."

 -- Kameswari S

"Enspire Academy was an incredible experience. I learned so much about how to be a professional public speaker & how to incorporate confidence & positivity into my daily life.”

 --   Gilat M    

I would strongly recommend this course to students who not only need to improve their public speaking skills, but also their time management & personal goal keeping as a student!

 --   Sanjana N

“Throughout high school, I have been a student of “Enspire Academy”. One teaching from these classes was to step out of my comfort zone. Since childhood, I’ve always been a quiet child. I would be the kid that didn’t raise his hand not because he didn’t know the answer but because he was afraid of the possibility of being wrong or pronouncing a word wrong and getting flustered. The things I most dreaded about school were oral reports or world language exams where you had to engage in a conversation. For me stepping out of my comfort zone was to talk to more people and participate in class. Eventually, I was able to gradually get to the point where I was able to deliver speeches in front of crowds of hundreds of people, a far cry from where I started.”

 --   Sai K

Thank you for assisting my daughter to overcome her shyness and timidness . In a short time period (3 months )she has gained a greater level of confidence,a positive attitude and improved communication skills .

 --   Jay P