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Public Speaking & Leadership Development Programs for Executives


Public Speaking & Leadership Development Programs for Executives

Professional Male

1. John's Pursuit for a Promotion:

"John (name changed for privacy) had been with his company for over 5 years. He had seen it grow from a small startup to a mid-sized enterprise. John was always a hard-working executive, dedicated to his job and the success of his team.

Despite his best efforts, he was never considered for promotions. With each missed opportunity, he became increasingly frustrated and disheartened. Over time he lost the motivation to showcase his full potential and became a silent spectator in many of his meetings."​​

Elegant Female

2. Sarah's Battle with Male Dominance:

"Sarah has been a diligent worker who contributed significantly to her team but she struggled to speak up in meetings dominated by aggressive and dominant male managers and colleagues.

Despite her efforts, her ideas were often dismissed, and she felt ignored. As she continued to face this obstacle, she found herself becoming defensive when presenting her ideas, leaving her feeling defeated and unheard."

Senior Male Doctor

3. Tim's Pursuit for Perfection:

" Tim was a successful senior executive in a digital agency, with a team of 40 people reporting to him. He was well-educated, extroverted, and had an impeccable work ethic. Being a self-reliant person all along, Tim believed in working until perfection.

Even though he delegated the work to his team, he ended up doing all the finishing touches himself. This often led him to take on too much work causing burnout and exhaustion. As a result, he was unable to focus on important meetings the next day. One fateful day, unable to give his best during an important client presentation, he lost a significant deal to his company, leaving him to face the consequences of his actions.

Are the Stories Relevant To You?


YES! The problems faced by the above 3 executives are relevant to you because of the following facts.


86% of employees and corporate leaders believe that ineffective communication is the root cause of workplace failures.
-Salesforce Research
67% of managers feel uncomfortable with face-to-face communication with employees.
Poor workplace communication leads to 25% of the missed performance goals
A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit
77% of organizations say their leaders do not have the capabilities to navigate the boundaryless, disrupted new world.

-Deloitte 2023 Global Human Capital Trends

In reality, your passion and preparation alone will not make your career sustainable. Sooner than later, you will see your performance and career growth will hit a plateau if your public speaking, interpersonal communication, leadership, and management skills do not improve. 

The Turning Point


All the 3 executives, did not accept their fate. They realized that in order to stay ahead of the competition, he needed to do something different. 


At different points in time, they individually reached out to us (Enspire Academy) to help them perform better and stay competitive. They enrolled in our confidence-building, public speaking, and leadership classes, designed using neuroscience and learning theories. Our personalized training met the learning objectives.

Today, what do John, Sarah, and Tim have to say?
"Enspire Academy's coaches helped me gain the confidence to make my presence in my meetings and speak my ideas effectively.  I am glad I got my long-awaited promotion!"
"I was so timid to speak up. Now after taking the public speaking program of Enspire Academy I am not only bold but straightforward too.  I am glad my manager started executing my ideas"
"Thank you Enspire Academy for identifying my core issues and helping me become a better leader. I am glad that I delegate my work and motivate my team to bring their 'A' game!"
-Tim. H

An Overview of the Journey

Study results show that executives undergoing leadership training improved their learning capacity by 25% and their performance by 20%.

Leadership development is a long-term investment. Therefore, investing in leadership development is essential before you need it. Because you never know when your current leaders may leave, or new hires will need training.

The best way is to train them to become confident communicators and purpose-driven leaders. Research has proved that effective communication skills improve one’s ability to control emotions, speak confidently, listen actively, and foster relationships. Within a college campus, it builds a vital sense of student belonging, removes the wall between professors and students, and improves their capacity to think clearly, ask questions and pursue solutions together.

73.4% of employers rated communication skills as the most important quality they look for in employees.

The true value of confidence and communication skills in the workplace and social interactions has been proven by numerous studies. Furthermore, confidence and effective communication are crucial for both career growth and work effectiveness. You may have seen in your professional life that people who are confident and have strong communication skills are more likely to succeed in their positions and be recognized as leaders within the organization.

Now, let's explore this a little further.

How Does It Work?


It's simple. Making Success a Habit.

Our programs will empower you with skills to,

  • Become Unstoppable

  • Be the Master Communicator

  • Ace Executive Functioning Skills

  • Transform into an Enspired Leader

  • Make Success A Habit

For more help,

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Interview Training
Leadership Training

Building Confidence & Public Speaking Skills

Did you know confidence & public speaking go hand in hand?


Delivering a powerful and persuasive message requires strong communication skills and a high level of confidence. While the lack of confidence can make it difficult for speakers to engage with their audience, poor communication skills will hinder the process of conveying ideas clearly. Therefore, confidence and public speaking are closely linked. That's the reason we begin the journey towards leadership by simultaneously working on developing confidence and improving communication skills.

You will love our systematic approach.

Improving Time Management, Executive Functioning & Leadership Skills

Setting objectives, creating efficient plans to achieve those goals, and making wise judgments that are in the best interests of the group or organization are some of the most significant responsibilities of a good leader. These are nothing but executive functioning skills.

Furthermore, effective leadership often involves the ability to navigate complex situations and make quick decisions under pressure. Skills such as the ability to influence through impeccable communication, strong emotional intelligence, empathy, and many more, will enable youth to think critically and creatively and make informed decisions.

Executives who possess strong executive functioning skills and a range of leadership skills are more likely to be effective leaders.

You will love the resulting success.

What's Unique?
How it works?

Enspire Academy's coaches helped me so much prep for a big speed conference. The patience and amazing tips they gave me helped me improve into the speaker I am today!

Ana. H 

What Our Clients Say

What is Unique About Our Training Process?

Enspire Group Sessions.jpg
            Decades of experience in working with diverse groups of executives and creating positive outcomes.


  • Become Unstoppable

  • Be the Master Communicator

  • Ace Executive Functioning Skills

  • Transform into an Enspired Leader

  • Make Success A Habit

For Whom?

  • Executives

  • Educators

  • Doctors

  • College Students

  • Corporates

The coursework includes,

  • ​Interactive sessions involving small groups.

  • Group activities, role plays, and discussions that induce thinking.

  • Lessons with practical & workable solutions.

  • Opportunities to practice the skills every meeting.

  • Personalized feedback to develop the true style of speaking.

  • Critical analyses of communication skills to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Learn more details about our training process

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