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Boost Confidence & Public Speaking Skills


Confident Communicator™

“If you have the confidence to speak  up, you can influence positive outcomes"

Did you know?

Confidence & Public Speaking go hand in hand?


  • Achieve True Confidence

  • Speak Confidently Everywhere

  • Create Impactful Content

confidence in communication

 Gain Confidence:


          Present-day youth face a crisis of confidence when it comes to dealing with rising standards, competition, harsh criticisms, nerve-wracking anxiety, paralyzing peer pressure, and many more. But they never agree and seem to live in denial. The Confident Communicator™ program addresses this basic crisis and transforms every student into individuals brimming with true confidence. 


         “A research reported that as the level of self-esteem increases, so do achievement scores; as self-esteem decreases, achievement scores decline. Furthermore, it concluded that self-esteem can be modified through direct instruction and that such instruction can lead to achievement gains.”

  Improve Speaking Skills:


         Whether your child is shying away from opportunities, not speaking confidently, or looking to improve communication skills to win debates and competitions, we have the solution you have been looking for.

          The Confident Communicator™ program will train youth to ace classroom presentations, perform well in group projects, and communicate with teachers and peers confidently. Empower your child with these crucial skills using our high-quality training that are proven to transform your child into a confident communicator.

          We train students on delivering various types of speeches in a professional style.  Apart from training students to master public speaking skills, we also provide them enough opportunities to perform in public situations and competitions.

  Improve Writing Skills:


          How will you sound when you cannot communicate your ideas with clarity and precision? That's why writing skills are an integral part of public speaking training at Enspire Academy, a pioneer in soft skills training.


           The Confident Communicator™ program will train youth to use creative ways of expressing their thoughts and knowledge, improve clarity and flow and create impactful content. Empower your child with these crucial skills using our high-quality training that are proven to elevate your child's writing skills to a different level.

Confident CommunicatorProgram

An Overview

Enspire Academy® uses practical & scientific methods to address issues and build confidence and interpersonal skills.

The course includes

  • Identifying your true-style

  • Interactive classes

  • Personalized feedback

  • Debates

  • Group discussions

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