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Sanjana Kulkarni


An experienced journalist and an avid debater, currently, the head of a magazine aiming to educate people about women in STEM. Apart from writing and debating, Sanjana tutors kids in Math and English. The coordinator for the HOPE project

Nithin Pillai


A compassionate writer and speaker, Nithin has been getting trained at Enspire Academy for 4 years.

Being an Enfluencer at Enspire Academy has given him the opportunity to speak up for Autism in front of the Senators & councilmen. His compassionate speech touched the hearts of many.

Pooja Raghuram


An experienced speaker and a passionate writer,  Pooja is a  board member of the computer science club at her school. She is also an active member of a non-profit organization aiming to make computer science concepts accessible to all.

​Being an Enfluencer at EnspireAcademy (after completing 5 levels of its curriculum) she got the opportunity to speak up in front of Senators and councilmen.  

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Nidhi Ummetalla


A high school sophomore, journalist, and passionate about creating magical content. Nidhi is a confident speaker and a keen listener, and an intern at Enspire Academy. His experience as a lifeguard enhanced his quick thinking skills and adaptability. One specific instance is when he rescued a younger patron despite being on the other side of the pool. He has had many other self-fulling moments as a lifeguard.

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