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Successful leaders draw on charismatic communication skills to share their vision, build trust, ​ generate support for ​their initiatives, and inspire ​people to act. They make things happen through their ability to communicate with authenticity, confidence, and passion.
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EnspirED is a national leadership conference for youth that provides an opportunity for students to showcase leadership through researching and sharing meaningful ideas that will inspire the audience. EnspirED speakers are selected by our curatorial team who identify and investigate ideas and innovations that matter. The speakers develop an eighteen-minute presentation on an idea they believe is worth spreading.


How to get an invitation to speak at EnspirED?

Receiving an invitation to speak at EnspirED is a journey that calls for immense dedication, grit, and passion for becoming a leader.  The speakers are mostly senior students of Enspire Academy, who have,

  1. Mastered the art of professional communication through advanced training

  2. Showcased the attitudes and skills of a true leader through their internship experience (min 2 years)

  3. Successfully completed the extensive leadership coursework of Enspire Academy

  4. Create an idea worth spreading through extensive research and experiential learning.

  5. Auditioned and selected to speak at EnspirED 


What happens after getting selected to speak at EnspirED?

The selected speakers will hone their already superior public speaking and leadership skills through rigorous training from the TEDx speaker coach Priya Kartik. The speakers will go through a final audition in front of Ms. Kartik before they go on the EnspirED stage.


What to expect at EnspirED?

The National Leadership Conference for youth - EnspirED will have 5 speakers who will be sharing their mind-blowing ideas through spectacular speeches. The talk will be followed by a panel discussion with these emerging leaders on a published topic. The event is covered by the press and media and a panel of professional judges evaluate our students' performances. ​​​

Who should attend EnspirED?

  • Students who wish to learn watch and learn ways to improve public speaking skills.

  • Business professionals who wish to gain insights into creating a successful career.

  • Entrepreneurs and management professionals who like to improve their acumen in corporate-style communications skills.

One more thing...

If you want to experience the magic of watching mesmerizing TED-style TALKS, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars. Just attend EnspirED. Our speakers will make you say, "BRAVO!" GUARANTEED.

EnspirED 2022

August 13, 2022

3:30 p.m - 6:30 p.m EST

Princeton Marriott at Forrestal

100 College Rd E, Princeton, NJ 08540

EnspirED Logo.png


Meet Our Panel of Judges

Hal English

President & CEO

Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
Ram Nagappan

Chief Information Officer 

BNY Mellon | Pershing

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
Karthik Iyer

Managing Director

Financial Services Consulting

Ernst & Young

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Dr. Vasudev Makhija

Psychiatrist & Founder

SAMHIN, Advocate of Mental Health

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
Shruta Vishwanath

Senior Vice President 

U.S Bank

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Panel Of Judges
The Speakers

Meet Our Speakers

Arnav Headshot_edited.jpg
Arnav Rastogi

        Holding value is his mission. His words, actions, and career are all about bringing value to the table. Arnav Rastogi is a freshman majoring in finance at Boston College. Arnav has been analyzing financial markets since 2019, including writing research articles with over 100,000+ readership and even sitting on company earnings calls and asking thought-provoking questions to industry leaders. It all culminates in his large investment portfolio which is branded as North Post Research. 

       Outside of finance, his passion for sports led him to start a football podcast called “The Backfield Rift” which has crossed 1,200 listeners. He also was the captain of his fencing team in high school, where he lead the boy's squad to their second straight third-place finish in the state. Wherever Arnav goes, his words hold value!

B.S in Finance

 Boston College


Keshav Head Shot _edited.jpg
Keshav Kartik

Quenching his contagious curiosity through inquiry and insight describes Keshav Kartik’s way of life. Whether he was running a home-based “restaurant” or exploring the woods on his mountain bike, he found a correlation between curiosity, analysis, and learning. A Freshman at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, double majoring in Economics and Finance, Keshav Kartik aspires to use his passion to help businesses make ethical and sustainable decisions. 

        Keshav’s love for understanding the science of economics and ethics skyrocketed while he was analyzing the impact of national/global events on capital markets. Being a true believer in humanism, he involved himself in mentoring students and fundraising for social causes which sparked his interest in human behaviors and psychology. Outside of his academic interests, Keshav is a fitness enthusiast, an avid debater, and a hardened extrovert.

B.S in Economics & Finance

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Nishk Sutaria_edited.jpg
Nishk Sutaria

 Energetic, meticulous, and inquisitive Nishk Sutaria is an aspiring pediatric surgeon and a freshman at Rutgers University New-Brunswick pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy in the 6-year PharmD program. 

Medicine has always been a passion for Nishk ever since he worked as a Telemetry Ambassador at Penn Medicine Princeton Hospital and eventually created a startup company called Medicine Involvement that helped college students gain shadowing and volunteer opportunities during the pandemic. He is a certified EMT, Phlebotomy, and EKG Technician license hoping to pursue more certifications in the future.

        Nishk uses his public speaking skills to talk about his startup and other subjects he is passionate about. As a huge fan of music, Nishk has been in the Marching Band as a Trumpet Section Leader for the past 3 years of his high school career and even has picked up the acoustic guitar as a newfound interest. He loves listening to music in English, Hindi, and even French.


Rutgers University

New Brunswick

Sachi Kurian.jpg
Sachi Kurian

 Dynamic, determined, and daring are the words that best describe Sachi Kurian. A sophomore at Rutgers University, Sachi is pursuing Biomedical Engineering to explore her passion for medicine and technology together. Volunteering at a senior residence and participating in blood drives have fostered her love for medicine, healthcare, and helping others. 

      A true artist at heart, Sachi dedicates much of her time to dance and artwork. As a Diploma holder in Bharatanatyam, she uses this title to expand her role in her dance school by mentoring many students to learn and love the ancient art form. Sachi furthered her passion by joining Rutgers University’s Competitive Classical Dance Team and performing around the nation.

B.S in BioMedical Engg

Rutgers University

New Brunswick

Sana Sathaye.jpg
Sana Sathaye

        Ever-smiling and energizingly positive are the words that best describe Sana Sathaye. An undergraduate student at Drexel University aspiring to become a Physicians Assistant, Sana has showcased her passion for compassion through her physical therapy and music therapy at Merwick Care and Rehabilitation Center. 

      Outside of medicine, Sana is an avid dancer and saxophonist who has had the opportunity to play all around Germany and Carnegie Mellon Music School. Sana loves traveling, trying new foods, and watching movies. She can't wait to explore the world to create heartwarming memories for the future.

B.S in Health Sciences

Drexel University



1. TED-style TALKS

Sachi Kurian.jpg
Sachi Kurian

Talk Title:

A Cycle of Superpowers

Keshav Head Shot _edited.jpg
Keshav Kartik

Talk Title:

Are You Being Deceived?

Arnav Headshot_edited.jpg
Arnav Rastogi

Talk Title:

Is Crypto A Divisive Sport?

Sana Sathaye.jpg
Sana Sathaye

Talk Title:

The Key To Your Career Success

Nishk Sutaria_edited.jpg
Nishk Sutaria

Talk Title:

The Wonder Drug

2. Panel Discussion

Listen to the gripping fire-side chat between 5 Gen-Zs sharing their perspectives on the topic,

"Are Gen-Z and Corporate America Ready for Each Other?"

3. Award Ceremony

  • Listen to our judges share their expertise on the need for committed leadership in order to succeed in Corporate America. 

  • Watch the dramatic announcement of the Winners of EnspirED 2022.

  • Experience the joy!

EnspirED 2022 - National Youth Leadership Conference
EnspirED 2022 - National Youth Leadership Conference
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Aug 13, 2022, 3:30 PM EDT
TED-style Talk & Panel Discussion
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