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The Bigger Picture

Updated: May 21, 2021

Nishk S and Rayan M

Success plays a major role in our decisions and has a significant impact on a person’s lifestyle. By definition, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, which is what most of us look to achieve every day. However, we often make this more difficult for ourselves, while there is a practice that we can follow in order to make success easier to attain and make it a habit.

This practice is known as a productive lifestyle. While we are all aware of what productivity is, not many of us properly implement it into our lifestyle. When practiced properly, productivity can quickly allow us to achieve our goals. As productivity centralizes around efficiency, it focuses on getting tasks done in an accurate and quick manner. While this may sound easier than it really is, with focus and hard work, anyone can become productive and would see instant results on how it can accentuate success. While some may think that this only applies to students and academics, it actually impacts a much wider picture, as productivity can improve not only how you operate, but also how the entire world operates.

On a Larger Scale

This bigger picture and wider scale are represented by how productive governments and big companies function. With productivity, they can help improve society and achieve goals faster in order to make the world a better place. With a lack of productivity, they oftentimes send people in a backward direction, creating dysfunction and unrest as a result. History has proven that the most productive governments and companies have experienced greater success. This not only creates a better environment but also tends to influence their citizens to become more productive as well, hence improving society and the greater good. For example, the United States, being one of the youngest nations in the world, wasn't always seen as a global superpower. However, with the use of productivity, the U.S. was able to create massive infrastructure and evolve into a global leader. Similar to the United States, a more historical example includes West Germany, as the Berlin Wall was built to separate sides during the Cold War. The West Germans would evolve as a society, and create an initiative to adapt to the modern world and work towards creating a positive global identity, as a result of productivity and the belief of supporting the general good.

Taking a Step Backwards

Meanwhile, the issue lays with those who aren’t productive, as this has had a backward impact on many countries which aren’t at par with the modern world. With the use of productivity, these nations could be at greater points, and could not only send their society in the right direction but help improve the world. In direct contrast with West Germany, East Germany on the other side of the wall was the more backward of the two German nations. As a result of the impact of Soviet Communism, East Germany was left in a backward spiral, where they were counterproductive, and ended up making their Cold War issues even worse than before, leaving a poor impact on East German society. India can also be associated with counterproductive ideas in some aspects. One way includes how governments and companies are often corrupt and bribed in order to gain wealth. As a result, productivity lacks at points in society and prevents people from taking steps toward large goals, due to poor influences from government and corporate leaders.

Productivity may seem like a simple idea at first, which can be implemented for yourself, and while that remains the case, it can truly help us on a larger scale. With the use of productivity, we can make our world more efficient, and strive towards heading in the right direction for all parts of society, as we hold a common goal of working towards success.

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