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Lessons For A Lifetime

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

From the Desk of the Chief Editor

We are at the fag end of 2020. A year that will be talked about for centuries to come. A year that humanity wasn't prepared for. What did this year do to us? Any crisis always molds us into better individuals. Was 2020 any different?

It's a Privilege

If something is common and easily accessible, we take it for granted. Maybe it's the way the human brain functions but 2020 has shown us otherwise. Gone are the days when people were missing fancy vacations and extravagant parties. What people miss the most today, are the rudimentary needs of being a social animal; enjoying the facial expressions and the hearty smile while spending time with your best buddy, visiting family and attending reunions to create cherished memories, or watching movies in the theater along with the lingering smell of fresh popcorn. While we are yearning to do all this again, let's remember to appreciate it more and feel privileged when we actually do it.

It's an Oxymoron

2020 had new additions to the innumerable oxymorons in the English language, like"social distancing". We had spent most of the year alone, but not lonely. We sought ways to stay "connected remotely", attend school virtually, and do our jobs differently. We learned to look for an opportunity in a difficulty. The way of thinking that scholars and philosophers had preached for centuries to mankind, 2020 instilled this life-changing attitude in a matter of weeks.

It's a Grandma

The 21st century was going on the path of creating new definitions for cleanliness, habits, and values. But 2020 put a full stop to it, proving the point grandmas were wiser. People are eating nutritious, home-cooked food, spending time with family indoors, and cleaning everything thoroughly, Moreover, the motivation to practice patience, tolerance, and selflessness had increased. 2020 has brought back the habits and values of our previous generation.

2020 had been the year of the pandemic. It was a bumpy journey for every individual across the world. There were several moments of disappointments, frustrations and grief. But we learned to cope with it, which will serve as lessons for a lifetime.

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