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Keys to Success in Virtual School

Schools are reopening, virtually though. COVID-19 has forced teachers and students to adapt to new teaching and learning methodologies. This will only make it harder to get back into the swing of things now that schooling is somewhat returning to normal, so learning to work smart with the following strategies will greatly benefit you!

Understand your brain

Did you know that a clean state of mind and a clean work area is vital for effective brain function? Not only would it keep you from having to spend time looking around for things, but it would also help your brain stay calm, with minimal distractions. A study conducted by scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute shows that the human brain likes neatness and order, whereas chaos and disorganization interrupt the thought process and the flow of ideas.

Writing is a worthy asset

Learn to work smart! Writing is your best asset because it allows your brain to retain the information longer. The absolute best way to take notes and optimize your time would be to use a good note-taking system. I recommend the Cornell Notes System.

  1. Divide your paper into three sections, one for taking notes during class, second for ques /questions, and the third for summarizing the notes.

  2. In class, you write in bullet points about the topic and grasp the main ideas.

  3. After class, formulate relevant questions to the topic or add diagrams, and

  4. Summarize the notes in your own words so that you understand your topic clearly.

Out of the many advantages, looking over a day’s worth of notes after school every day is much less time-consuming, not to mention effective.

Headphones will be Handy

Your virtual learning environment will distract you from all corners. Use your headphones intelligently. During class, it really helps if you put on headphones while joining class so that your surroundings do not disturb you in any way. Similarly, when studying, if it helps you to listen to calming music when reviewing your notes, that would also help tune out any distractions around you.

We are oftentimes told to work hard and study hard to reach our desired goal. The tips mentioned above draws the line between working hard and working smart. The key to success doesn’t lie in working hard, but rather in working smart.

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