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How to Stay Productive Over Summer Break

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

How can you stay productive over the summer, while still doing what you enjoy?
Enjoy a Productive Summer Break

The last test is over; The birds are tweeting; The sun is shining; There are so many new

shows to binge the possibilities seem endless! The entire world is in favor of you relaxing, after a long, hard school year. Your one relaxing day turns into one week, then a month, and then

three months, and then it's back to September, and the never-ending piles of homework. Suddenly, you can’t remember what you studied and must start from square one. How can you stay productive over the summer, while still doing what you enjoy?

Find new hobbies

There is no way to find out your passion without trying anything! Whether this hobby involves exercising, art, or introducing yourself to new tech skills they can be a great way to relax all around the year. there's no denying that summer break is the best time to take on new hobbies because of the lack of obligation we have to school and other extracurriculars. The summer also allows you endless opportunities to explore many hobbies. Even if you don’t enjoy these hobbies, it is still good to try out different things; after all, you don’t know when your new hobby could become your life's passion.

Find some good books

Reading books is the perfect mix of relaxing and productive. Books offer anything, from fantastical journeys, deep compelling stories, and historical events. Reading these books allow for relaxation and fun, while also giving our eyes a break from the many screens we are surrounded by. Books are also very productive; Reading them can improve reading comprehension, improve focus, and can give readers insight into the real world.

Get a Summer Job/Internship

Summer jobs and internships are a great way to not only earn some extra money but also earn some valuable experience in the real world, and learn about what you might be interested in. These jobs can also provide valuable connections that can stick around for your entire life. This is another way to stay productive in a positive way due to your ability to create a stronger work ethic, practice cultivating ambition, also making valuable use of your time where you can reflect back on your summer and see all the wonderful accomplishments you made.

Prepare for the next school year

Although many students don’t finish summer homework or review course content until the day before school, a good way to use summer break time is to prepare for potentially challenging courses. A good start is watching YouTube videos or even using Khan Academy, which is a fan favorite of most. Additionally, a light review of coursework from the previous year is a great way to brush up on rusty concepts and be prepared to expand on that in the next year. One of the benefits of reviewing upcoming coursework before a new school year is the lack of stress you'll experience when it is time to take the class. You will experience a lack of urgency in mastering the content due to your previous exposure and practice! However, remember to not overdo it - after all, summer is still a time for relaxation and taking a break from school.

There are many perks to staying productive over the summer. Summer may be a time to recharge from a stressful school year and is meant for relaxing and being free of responsibility. However, you might want to consider using this time to also prepare for the school year ahead. Balancing some schoolwork with summer jobs, while also finding new hobbies and reading a few books is the perfect way to enjoy the summer.

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