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The Art of Motivation

From fostering the ability to accomplish a pile high of assignments or gaining the courage to experiment with the unknown, motivation is the most vital attribute to possess as a student. At the same time, it is also the easiest to lose. Staying motivated is like watching The Emoji Movie. It might seem engaging at the start, but as the movie progresses, one’s interest dwindles. There is, however, a way to rekindle the fire underneath with two straightforward steps.

Step 1: The Building Blocks

Using a simple calendar or agenda can revolutionize your workflow. These tools help in two fundamental aspects of motivation: structure and organization. Not surprisingly, this is all planning requires as well. To plan out daily assignments, consider the time blocking tactic: simply allocate a time slot for every activity in the day. Oftentimes, setting these deadlines will motivate you to avoid procrastination and stay on track. Categorizing your activities based on time and importance, while making constant attempts to make progress, your work can be completed quite efficiently.

Step 2: The Picture

It’s easy to get lost and alone on the journey towards those bigger, more important goals: earning admission to a top university in the country, working at a Fortune 500 company right after college, buying your first home by the age of twenty-five and the list continues on. In this long bumpy journey, there could be moments when things do not go as planned. While short-term view results in extreme despair, grief, and lack of motivation it’s crucial to hold on to the picture of the future without letting the small moments get in the way.

Motivation requires a lot more than planning and manifesting of the future. A point well agreed with too. However, with just these two steps, one is at a far greater pedestal than ever before, marking the beginning of a journey of success and joy.

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