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A Simple Way To Let Ourselves Grow

Are you looking for ways to pursue a new career path, accept a higher position or take up a new opportunity but constantly feel pressurized to take it up and live up to it? It can be tricky navigating our way through life and being able to bring our dreams, and goals to fruition; it gets tougher when we are focused on maintaining the status quo and staying in our comfort zone.

How can we embrace the most of what the universe offers to us?


Practice the Art of Letting Go.

The moment we hear the word "LET GO" we interpret it as quitting, failing, or rejecting. But letting go is a conscious decision to stay away from things that,

  • don't warrant our time and effort anymore. ,

  • hinders our growth, or

  • stops us from focusing on our priorities.

For example,

  • Letting go of our self-limiting thoughts

  • Letting go of unnecessary control

  • Letting go of toxic relationships and many more

How To Be Prepared?

"Letting go" can be tough because it forces us to face experiences within ourselves and life we never knew existed before. It calls for tough actions so that we don't fall into auto-pilot. These decisions are among the hardest ones that executives have to make in their professional lives. But we can make it easier by focusing on two things.

1. Be Open To Change

Our brain registers change as an "error". That's the reason we start feeling uncomfortable and avoid changing our circumstances. Be aware of this protocol so that you can expect to be uncomfortable first. Surround yourself with supportive people when you navigate big changes.

2. Focus on Opportunites

Do you often think badly about yourself, your work, or your potential? Then you are feeding self-sabotaging thoughts that make you feel that you’re a failure, or that you deserve all the negative things that have happened to you. Instead, remind yourself about the small victories that you have had in the past, or the good things around you, and divert your attention to the opportunities available in front of you.

Letting go could be just the thing you need to do for life to offer you all of its opportunities.

We must let go to grow. Make room for the most important things so that the universe can offer you what you deserve.

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