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Course Overview
Course Overview
LEVEL 3 : Confident Communicator 3.0

Total Duration

16 hours

Recommended Age

Grade 6 & Above


Level 2: CC 2.0

Effort Outside Class

1 - 2 hours/week

Confident Communicator™ Track


  • Achieve True Confidence

  • Speak Confidently Everywhere

  • Create Impactful Content

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How it Works
How It Works?
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Enspire Academy uses practical & scientific methods to address issues and build confidence, speaking, and writing skills.

Students meet once a week (Fall, Winter & Spring) or twice a week (in Summer) to learn the coursework and practice the skills. Enspire classrooms are fun, interactive, and engaging. All enrolled students have full access to Enspire Hub our secure learning portal.


Classes can be taken either in-person or through zoom virtual meetings.

The coursework includes

  • Creative games and roleplays

  • Activities to improve critical thinking

  • Speech presentations

  • Personalized feedback

  • Debate structure and effective arguments

  • Group discussions

After completing the coursework the students graduate after showcasing their skills by presenting a critically analyzed, creative non-fiction speech in front of an audience. Successful students earn a certificate and a trophy on graduation day. 

Confidence Booster 3.0
Confident Writer 3.0
Confident Speaker
The Coursework

Confident CommunicatorTracks

Multiple researches prove that students challenged appropriately are known to sustain interest and perform better.

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Confidence Booster 3.0

Confident Booster 3.0 is the third and last step towards building true confidence. The course work will help students to capitalize on opportunities and strengthen their sel-esteem.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the  program, students learn to:

  • Gain true confidence

  • Conquer weaknesses and fears

  • Capitalize on opportunities

  • Handle criticisms positively

  • Tackle challenges confidently

  • Rise against rejections and failures

  • Strengthen their self-esteem

Confident  Writer 3.0

Confident Writer 3.0 is the third and final step to confident writing. The course work will train students on essential strategies to develop effective writing skills.

Key Takeaways

Understand advanced strategies to create the following types of writing.

  • Persuasive writing

  • Research-based critical analysis

  • Argumentative writing

  • Demonstrative writing

  • Creative nonfiction writing

  • Inspirational writing

  • Business writing

Confident  Speaker

Confident Speaker is the third and last step towards becoming a confident communicator. The course work will train students on essential strategies to develop effective speaking skills. 

Key Takeaways
  • Develop professionalism

  • Articulate with confidence

  • Connect with any audience instantly

  • Master elocution techniques

  • Enhance voice modulation

  • Speak with energy & enthusiasm

  • Face questions with courage

  • Create effective presentations

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