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Impersonating Safety as Racism?

What’s Going On?

Our world is built upon the foundation that people of different races and religions can exist together in peace and harmony. Recent attacks of terrorism in France, killing many civilians, churchgoers, and even a teacher, are proving that this foundation, in question, is just an illusion, as these attacks have forced French authority to pass a new bill to supposedly protect the people of the country. Regardless of what the real intentions behind passing the bill were, the outcome is increased discrimination against Muslims in France, which is starting to cause controversies throughout the nation.

Victims of Racism

France’s new bill is targeting those who follow Islam around the country, making them the victims of defamation. However, the new bill is not the only factor contributing to the discrimination that Muslims are now feeling. Muslims are being followed around and are constantly observed, which is a severe invasion of privacy. What did these people do to deserve this kind of treatment? Most of these citizens are innocent and are simply suffering through this unnecessary discrimination. Even the media only ever portrays Islam in the event of a terrorist attack. Following the passing of the bill in France, the French government has increased surveillance in areas such as Mosques, and although the French government claims that this is all being done to protect the people of France and prevent acts of terrorism, the only major result that came from it is the discrimination against Islam within the country.

A Humongous Effect

This is a direct attack on Islam, stigmatizing innocent Muslims for events that were not in their control. France is a first world country, with a fully developed government and economic status. Why is something like this still becoming an issue? To what extent will this continue to be accepted? It does not matter if the true intentions of passing the bill were not to defame Muslims. It does not matter that the bill was passed to protect the citizens of France. What matters is that it is having a detrimental effect on Muslims living in France. If this continues, the balance in our world will be disturbed, and the very diversity that we have been fighting for all these years will be lost once more.

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