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12 Hacks For A Spooktastic Halloween!

The start of October also means the season of candy, trick-or-treating, and costumes begins. With Halloween only a few days away, handling all the candy and crazy decorations can get chaotic. So, here are a few scary-smart Halloween hacks to make your Halloween go like a breeze.

  1. To decorate your homes, use string or yarn to make spiderwebs. Many intricate patterns can be made and you can hide secret messages with this too. To make it look better, black pom poms can be attached to make it look like there are spiders on the string.

  2. Little kids aren’t always the greatest at using carving tools to carve pumpkins. Instead, try using stickers this time around which will be easier and also less messy. Different colors can be used and glitter stickers could really make your pumpkin pop out this Halloween.

  3. To enhance these decorations, mix a bit of water with ketchup. This makes excellent fake blood which can be put on pumpkins, fake spiderwebs, or even on different foods to add a spooky effect.

  4. Having a Halloween party? Try filling a glass jar with red food-colored water and add peeled grapes. This resembles eyeballs in some blood and makes for a nice centerpiece at the party.

  5. Kindness is the key during Halloween. And if you're extra nice, you can possibly get more candy. This can be as simple as complementing decorations or a person’s costume.

  6. Didn’t get your favorites during trick-or-treating? Trade candies with friends to get more treats you enjoy.

  7. Sometimes you just don’t want to be bothered by noisy children at your door. Give out raisins so that none of them comes to your house!

  8. In need of a last-minute Halloween costume? Get a white tablecloth, cut some holes, and go as a low-budget ghost!

  9. The houses with the best candy always have the most people, and all those people always take the good candy. Now there’s no candy for you. Spread a nasty rumor about that house! Now all the amazing candy is yours!

  10. We all have that one house in the neighborhood that’s stingy with candy. If you want to get more, just say you have a sibling who isn’t with you and for candy for them!

  11. Want to have more spooky decorations? Get washable paint, paint your or your parent’s car with the scariest designs you can think of, and frighten your Trick-or-Treat guests!

  12. Are you sick of the basic group costumes you see a million times each year? You can make DIY UNO deck costumes from the crowd with your friends. Get green, yellow, red, blue, and black T-shirts and fabric paints in the same colors, and some white. Now paint white ovals on the shirts and use the colored paints to paint on numbers and symbols similar to actual UNO cards. Use the black T-shirts for wild cards and you and your friends have self-made Halloween costumes different from everyone else!

These were just a few ways to prepare for the spooky holiday on a time crunch. Hopefully, these hacks will help you get through all the sugar highs and scary movie marathons. Have a spooky fun Halloween!

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