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Perfect Your Presence

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

By Oliver Malkowski & Ishani Takyar

As social distancing restrictions are loosening and life is slowly, but surely, returning back to normal, it’s time to recap on the skills of socializing- a concept most definitely forgotten these past few months. As it turns out, social skills and public speaking have a lot of similarities and these few tricks may just seem to save you from a social disaster!

How do some people never stop talking?

There are always those people at any social event. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who are frolicking happily from one person to the next while you’re staring at the clock wondering when it would be most appropriate to leave. While having great listening skills, more than often these individuals also always have something to talk about.

In essence, if you start the conversation and lead it, you will not have to run the risk of someone asking you questions you do not have an answer to or being trapped in a conversation about a topic you know very little about. Socializing is generally easier when you have some ideas for topics you would like to talk about. Prepare in advance. Think of good conversation starters. What about starting with a joke or a compliment?

How do you present yourself to others?

Knowing what to say in a conversation is less than half the battle. How you say it and how you present yourself while saying it is even more crucial. You can talk about the most interesting subject in the world but if you do not engage the other person, the conversation will be dull. In order to get someone’s complete attention when you are speaking, you have to convey emotion and make it sound like it is worth listening to. Another aspect of engaging the person you are conversing with is to present yourself well. The best way to present yourself is by showing your confident self.

Socializing is something that many people struggle with as trying to keep a steady conversation with others can indeed be difficult. The next time you find yourself at any social event, online or in-person, remember to start the conversation yourself and engage with the other person!

Be true to yourself and remember to have fun!

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