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Google Classroom Is Making You Lazy

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Google Classroom

The most certain idea of 2020 is the extent of uncertainty the future holds for everyone. Within this past year, life has drastically changed in every industry, profession, and region. Specifically for students, the education system is coping with ways to affiliate an effective year despite the obvious challenges. Due to this, schools are offering completely virtual curriculums and a wide range of electronic devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads to do their work. Students now are completely reliant on platforms such as Google Classroom, a service that streamlines and simplifies the process of collaboration between educators and students. Yet, what’s important to consider is that while Google Classroom may act as a convenient solution to the current issue, the concept of students solely relying on an online program significantly discourages learning and allows students to be lazy.

The Disappearing Skill

"Will you post that on Google Classroom?", is the first question that students ask when teachers give an assignment or homework. Through the varied features of Google Classroom, more than often, students have limited notes to take. There have been countless situations in school where students decide to stop paying attention in class and stop actively taking notes because the notes were going to be uploaded onto Google Classroom anyway. Students have started believing that note-taking is a waste of time. However, dozens of studies have proven that handwriting notes yourself allow you to further understand and memorize the content that you are learning. Google Classroom encourages teachers to upload every single bit of content onto their site, the tried and true process of note-taking is dying out.

Google Will Do It!

Staying organized with google

A key component of academic success is to be organized. This is a crucial skill to learn and is extremely important if you want to be on top of your schoolwork. Due to Google Classroom’s features of keeping every assignment sorted into various categories on one platform, students do not get the opportunity to learn organizational skills for themselves. With COVID-19, students as young as 1st and 2nd graders have all of their assignments neatly sorted for them with a click of a button. Although convenient, this accessibility acts as a potential drawback as there will definitely come a time in every student’s life where Google Classroom would not be the solution to their problem.

In spite of Google Classroom’s usefulness and convenience, the platform simplifies learning too much for students. Just like everything else, it is important to consider the potential pros and cons this platform will have on students and whether or not it’s worth the risk. After all, students today are the future of tomorrow.

Post your comments on how to practice the crucial study skills in spite of Google Classroom

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