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Feeling Shy? Here’s How to Get By!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

It is no surprise that many people feel shy, preventing them from socializing or participating in conversations. However, shyness is not permanent and can be conquered by practicing a few skills to improve social presence.

The Magic of Hello!

Did you know the first step to overcoming your shyness is a simple greeting, "Hello!"? By doing this, you are ensuring to step away from the vicious cycle of shyness to making your presence felt. For a person drowning in shyness, this could be overwhelming. But you get past this in no time. Remember this will open the door to meeting with people, improving your social presence, and making friends.

The Biggest Pitfall

Interacting with big groups of people could be uncomfortable or nerve-wracking. You would want to resort to the "instant solution" in your hands; the phone! Digging your face into your phone may be a momentary escape route but it's one of the biggest pitfalls. The introduction of texting and social media is depriving you of the joy of verbal conversations. Start with a conversation with one person whom you know. This way, the pressure of having to fit into a group of people is off.

The Best Exercise

A great way to conquer your shyness is just to relax. Shyness is an outcome of your nervousness to speak up. Whenever you are nervous about something, you start breathing faster. Take a deep breath and smile! Consciously slowing down your breathing will help you cool down and relax and smiling eases your nervousness. The next time you meet someone or go to a party, you know what to do!

Share your success stories by commenting below. All the best!

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