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policies & Guidelines

Safety & General Guidelines

for Award Ceremony

Enspire Academy takes safety and protection seriously. By attending the in-person award ceremony, you and your family are agreeing to Enspire Academy's COVID Safety Acknowledgement.

Dear Parents,
Your child had worked hard to successfully complete his/her course. We at Enspire Academy, wish to go the extra mile to recognize them. We wish congratulate our diligent students for by hosting an Award Ceremony on November 8th at our Plainsboro office, with a COVID twist of course!

I wish you take the effort to join the ceremony in spite of the fact that your attendance is optional,.

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  ** there are NO exceptions **

STEP 1: Before you arrive:

  • Before coming at your allocated time frame (included below), inform us so that we can be ready.

  • When you are 10 minutes away from Enspire Academy office, INFORM by Check-in at Enspire Academy on Facebook. This will minimize wait-time. 

STEP 2: After you arrive:

  • Arrive at the front door (on Market Street) with your mask on. The front door will remain open.

  • Sanitize your hand. 

  • Right near the doorstep, there will be a table and your certificate/trophy will be placed on it by a staff member.

(If you had followed step -1. Else you will have to wait)