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Did you know?

Enspire Academy offers many unique opportunities for students at different levels of its step by step curriculum.

  • Gain Volunteering Hours  

  • Be Master of Ceremonies @ events

  • Get Event Management Experience  

  • Speak for a cause @ Enfluence                 

  • Deliver a TED-style TALK @ EnspirED 

  • Internship experience for emerging leaders

In-Person Class Information:
  • Any student enrolled in any level of the 6-step curriculum of Enspire Academy will learn all the necessary skills required to graduate from the program just by attending the virtual classes

  • Attendance to the in-person class is optional and not mandatory.

  • Students who opted for online classes only will not lose anything by not attending the in-person class. In-person classes are an additional perk, apart from our regular weekly zoom class meetings.

  • For parents/students who wish to schedule additional in-person meetings/classes must completely understand and agree to Enspire Academy's COVID Safety Acknowledgement.​:

  • By attending the in-person class, you are agreeing to our policies

  • We assure you, with our new state-of-the-art facility, social distancing can be practiced easily.

In-Person Class for Youth

Level 2: Book A Class
Level 3: Book A Class
Level 4: Book A Class

We offer scientifically developed programs that result in instant success and lasting effect. At Enspire Academy we have mastered the art of coaching for success and eager to help you achieve your goal of bringing up responsible and successful individuals.  


Enspire Academy also offers individualized one-on-one coaching to teens and adults.  Enspire Academy has the reputation for using creative techniques and coaching methodologies to achieve outstanding results in a short span of time.


​​“I so appreciated Priya’s style as she helped me with business goal setting.  Her kind, but direct, approach worked well for me as she mentored me while developing my own coaching practice.  It was amazing how much work I was able to accomplish after her sessions.               

 - Cathy Wardzala

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