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Did you know?

Enspire Academy offers many unique opportunities for students at different levels of its step by step curriculum.

  • Gain Volunteering Hours  

  • Be Master of Ceremonies @ events

  • Get Event Management Experience  

  • Speak for a cause @ Enfluence                 

  • Deliver a TED-style TALK @ EnspirED 

  • Internship experience for emerging leaders

In-Person Class Information:
  • Any student enrolled in any level of the 6-step curriculum of Enspire Academy will learn all the necessary skills required to graduate from the program just by attending the virtual classes

  • Attendance to the in-person class is optional and not mandatory.

  • Students who opted for online classes only will not lose anything by not attending the in-person class. In-person classes are an additional perk, apart from our regular weekly zoom class meetings.

  • For parents/students who wish to schedule additional in-person meetings/classes must completely understand and agree to Enspire Academy's COVID Safety Acknowledgement.​:

  • By attending the in-person class, you are agreeing to our policies

  • We assure you, with our new state-of-the-art facility, social distancing can be practiced easily.